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Step into a gallery of our proudest achievements. Our Project Page is a testament to the artistry and dedication that define each endeavor we undertake. From bespoke creations to grand installations, immerse yourself in a visual journey that reflects our unwavering commitment to crafting excellence.

Our Purpose & Principles

Our Design Philosophy

Elegance in Simplicity

Our design philosophy embraces the notion that true beauty lies in simplicity. We believe in crafting spaces and products that exude understated elegance, where every element serves a purpose and contributes to a harmonious whole.

Cultural Fusion

We draw inspiration from diverse cultures and design influences, weaving them seamlessly into our creations. By blending tradition with modernity, we strive to create spaces and pieces that tell a unique story while remaining relevant in today's world.

Craftsmanship as Artistry

At the heart of our design philosophy is a deep appreciation for craftsmanship. We celebrate the artisanal skills that breathe life into our projects, ensuring that each detail is meticulously crafted and reflects a commitment to excellence.

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Great Products!
Exquisite Marble Collection
Alisha Chinai Indian PoP Singer
Dreams frozen in marble!
Here, I have seen some of my dreams, frozen in marble.
Javed Akhtar Indian Screenwriter, lyricist and poet
Very nice work, Must Visit.
Surendra C. Patel An Internist
Beautiful Collection!
A very beautiful Collection.
Hema Malini Actress, director, producer, politician
Wonderful to know what our Indian Artisans are capable of !
Shabana Azmi Indian Actress
Beautiful Collection!
Beautiful Collection.
Supriya Pathak Indian Actress
Outstanding Stuff!
Outstanding Stuff. Too much variety to choose from.
Mr. & Mrs. Shreyas Talpade Indian Actor, director & producer
Wonderful Work!
Wonderful Work!
Mr. & Mrs. Amol Palekar Indian Actor, director & producer