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Natural Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd., Near Jain Temple, Bhuwana, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India-313004

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Our Commitment

Embrace the beauty of artistry and sustainability with our exquisite range of handcrafted marble creations, empowering local artisans while preserving the environment.

100% Handmade

Our marble handicraft products are meticulously handcrafted, ensuring a unique touch and attention to detail in every piece.

Handmade by Local Artisans

We have skilled local artisans, supporting their talent and preserving traditional craftsmanship.

Sustainable & Environment Conscious

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to use eco-friendly practices and materials in our crafting process.

Cruelty Free

Our products are created with love and respect for nature and wildlife, ensuring no harm is caused in the making.

Fair Trade

We believe in fair trade principles, ensuring equitable wages and ethical working conditions for all involved.